Join us for Camp Kilimanjaro every Thursday evening!
Thursdays at 6p-8p, June 2nd- Aug. 4th
Fun for children of all ages!
Every day, our kids are faced with choices—will they choose wisely or foolishly? As they safari up Mount Kilimanjaro, children and their parents will learn that true wisdom comes only from the one true all-wise God, who wants us to be wise!
Throughout the summer we will learn valuable lessons about being wise:
*Having ears that hear and do God’s word!
*Having a heart that trusts in the Lord!
*Having a tongue that speaks in a God-honoring way!
*Having hands that get to work!
*Having feet that walk with the wise!
Join us on this epic journey each week as we climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Discover big game animals, rainforest bugs, and an enormous volcano. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your gear, and let’s get started.
We’ll have music, games, crafts, waterplay and FOOD! Connect with your family, enjoy friends and make new friends!
(Click here to listen to our theme song)

**We are always looking for more volunteers as we share God’s word with both children and their parents. Please contact Lauren Bowman or Amber Hager if you feel that God is calling you to share your spiritual gifts with others. Church Office: 970-587-9599 **