Easter 2020

Just when the world needed hope the most, God sent Jesus!

Good Friday Prayer & Lord’s Supper Service!

Join us on Good Friday, April 10th at 6:30pm for prayer and the Lord’s Supper!
The video will only appear on our Lord’s Supper page on our website. 
Click here to go to the page. 

Easter Sunday Service Live Stream!

Join us from the comfort of your own home for Sunday service at 10am on Easter morning!  
Pastor Bob will be sharing the message of Jesus – our ultimate rescue plan!
Live on YouTube & Facebook, playback available on YouTube and our media page!
We will also have special Easter lessons from our Youth & Children’s Ministries on their online church pages!

Social Distancing Community Egg Hunt!

An easy way to brighten someone’s day while still staying healthy! A community activity that we ALL can enjoy!
Step 1: choose an egg from the list to create. Use your imagination….cardboard, construction paper, paint, the sky’s the limit!
Step 2: put your egg in your window no later than April 5th & leave it up through April 12th
Step 3: go on a walk or a drive with your family between April 5th & 12th and see if you can find all the eggs on the list!
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Let’s egg all of Johnstown & Milliken!