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Our goal is to provide content to our families that encourage family Bible discussions and quality family fellowship without overwhelming parents with complicated lessons or activities!
If you have any questions about Children’s Ministry, please contact Brandi Clark at 970.988.0608

Back to School:

We know God has a plan and a purpose for your family this year and while this isn’t how we all thought we would be beginning the new school year, we trust in GOD!
However you choose to go back to school this year (in person, online or homeschool) we want you to know that we support you 100%!  This year, we put together a special family devotional pack to help your family start the school year focused on Christ! 
There’s a lot of negativity out there.  Our hope is that this devotional will help your family navigate through it and thrive in the midst of it!  Let us enter this school year as a light…a light in the darkness that is so rampant in our world today!  Shine bright for all to see!  
Click here to download a PDF.  
Printed copies are also available for pick up at the Check in Tables on Sundays or from the Church Office. 

How Were We Able to Bring You K.C.L.

Thanks to our AMAZING friends at Group Publishing, we were able to bring you Kid’s Church LIVE this summer! 
They have TONS of AWESOME resources – whether you’re looking for home or for ministry! 
Check them out at Group.com or find more of their worship songs on YouTube by searching Lifetree Kids!

Continuing This Fall:

1) ARE YOU PLANNING ON CONTINUING TO ATTEND CHURCH ONLINE?  Right Now Media has a TON of resources for your family!  We suggest beginning with the “What’s in the Bible” series as part of your family’s weekly church time!  Check out the info below on how to get access for FREE!
2) ARE YOU A CHURCH IN NEED OF MORE ONLINE CONTENT?  While we were on lock down, our teacher team filmed 10 lesson videos from their homes. You are welcome to use those as part of your own ministry’s online content!  See the player below!

More Resources for Your Family:

Website with blogs, resources and articles to help your family grow closer to God.
Video bible studies and children’s programming. 
To join Right Now Media, email Pastor Bob a join request at pastorbob@graceconnect.com
Formerly known as JellyTelly, a digital steaming service of children’s Christian shows and devotionals.
Paid subscription required.
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