Prayer Request

Cyndi Hammons, April 14, 2020 - 7:16 pm

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Last Saturday I posted an update. I evidently posted it on the wrong website. If you know me, you would laugh. I’m not that great with technology.
Last Thursday evening Mark had an accident on his scooter leaving him paralyzed from the waste down. The trauma team met me at the ER doors when I arrived. I was told Mark was prep for surgery and would be flown to Children’s as soon as the C-Scan was back. I dropped to my knees and prayed. I then called LeeAnn and Scott Nix asking for prayers. They immediately went to work. The C-Scan did not show injuries to the spinal cord, an MRI was ordered. The Endocrinologist was shocked to tell me no injuries were found on the MRI. Mark would stay in the ER for observation because something was definitely wrong. At 1am Friday morning Mark had feeling in his right big toe. By 4am Mark was able to move both feet and legs!!!
I believe through prayers and GOD’s unconditional love Mark was healed.
I brought Mark home late Friday afternoon. Mark did not have a single scratch or bruise on his body only a concussion. This will heal within two weeks.
Thank you everyone for your prayers, concerns and love for Mark.
Cyndi and Mark Hammons