Inside Grace

To begin serving in a ministry, please contact the church office or fill out a Communication Card. 
Our Next Step Classes are great places to start as well!  They help you get connected to the body and discover your gifting!
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Below you can learn more about the many ways you can get connected and serve at Grace!  For your convince, we have all of our ministries broken out by interests and by stages of life!  We have something for everyone here at GCC!

Ministry by Interest


Teams Included:
  • Services (Guest Impressions, Cups of Grace)
  • Sound & Media Booth (Audio, Video & Slides)
  • Worship Band (Instruments & Vocals)


Teams Included:
  • Operations (Buildings, Grounds, Building Use)
  • Finance & Accounting (Tithe Counters, Front Desk Ambassadors)
  • Database & Information Systems (Membership Database, Metrics, Software Accounts)

Pastoral Care

Teams Included:
  • Prayer (Prayer Requests, Visits, Lord’s Supper)
  • Care (Crisis Care, Shut-In/Quarantined Care, Leadership Care)

Prayer Team

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Our Church is a body of believers dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Each Sunday, right after service, a team of volunteers is available to pray with people.  Every Monday, the Prayer Team meets to pray over the communication cards. As requests are submitted throughout the week, the team is notified.

Cups of Grace

At Grace, we are a family and after church on Sundays is a time to sit, visit and get to know one another better.  The Cups of Grace Team plays a huge role in this as they provide refreshments to allow our family to gather without feeling like that you need to rush out the door.

Praise & Worship

God-honoring worship is something we strive for. The members of our Praise & Worship ministry put time and energy into rehearsals as they  use their talents and gifts to glorify God.

Media & Technology

In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. Some work closely with Praise and Worship team and run the sound booth and lighting for the sanctuary.  There is also recording, uploading and streaming our sermons, as well as managing our website, social media feeds and podcasts.  Others are a part of the photography of Grace events and baptisms. 

Custodial & Grounds

We believe with all our heart that our building is a blessing from God and we are to use it to bless our community.  Taking care of a blessing that amazing takes time and heart.  Our custodial team cleans the building following services, meeting and events, while also being available for things like weddings and funerals.  Our grounds team takes care of everything from weeding and mowing to snow and ice removal.

C.A.R.E. Ministry

We all find ourselves in need of a little help sometimes.  The CARE Ministry stands for Christ’s Arms Reaching Everyone and exists to share the good news of Jesus while meeting the immediate physical needs of others.  We do this mainly through our food pantry.  Volunteers in this ministry shop for/clean the pantry, as well as meet with clients to discuss resources, put together food boxes and share the Gospel. For more information on how to serve click here.


Whether it is just needing a visit during the week to stay connected or needing someone to come to the hospital for a visit, our visitation team is there to help ensure that everyone stays connected and feels loved. 

Greeting & Ushering

A common comment by new members is an immediate feeling of being home.  The greeting and ushering team plays a huge role in that!  Whether it is helping a new family find their children’s classrooms or helping a member sign up for an event, our team believes that making everyone feel welcomed goes beyond just a warm smile – it takes genuine love and concern for each person.

Event Planning

Each event at Grace is unique and take many hands from all different giftings.  Because of this, a team is built to plan and execute each event as events are scheduled. All are welcome to serve on planning teams. 

Cooking & Serving Teams

There are several different opportunities to serve as a part of these ministries.  Meal cooking teams include grilling at picnics, cooking for the youth at their breakout nights and preparing meals for church members in need.  Serving teams include serving at church events, as well as at funerals that are held at Grace. 

Building Maintenance

Keeping our building in tip-top shape take many hands with many skills.  Anyone with skills in plumbing, HVAC, painting, drywall, electrical or general maintenance is welcome to come and serve! A list of current maintenance needs can be found on the wall in the main kitchen off the gym. 

The 72

In the Book of Luke, Jesus sends out the 72 to prepare the way for the hope and salvation of the Kingdom of God was to come!  Today, we go out to share that the hope and salvation of the Kingdom of God is here now!  Teams for this ministry include prayer, baking, administration, visiting and follow-up.  

Ministry by Life Stages

Men’s Ministry

Gone are the days where men sit passively in church.  The Men’s Ministry strives to equip and encourage men to step courageously into the leadership of their families, as they boldly serve in the workplace and in the church.
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Women’s Ministry

From the stay-at-home mom, to the single career woman, to the retired grandmother, the Women’s Ministry strives to create groups and events to minister to women in every stage of life and help them become teachable, transparent, trustworthy and transformed!
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Youth Ministry

Teens today face so many temptations and challenges…it can all seem overwhelming.  Those who serve in Youth help 6th-12th graders see God, seek God and know God.  Working with teens takes a dedicated heart, a faithful spirit and a loving patience. 
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Children’s Ministry

Jesus told his disciples to let the little children come to Him and do not hinder them.  That is the goal of Children’s Ministry – to create a church experience for children to meet Jesus without anything hindering them.  
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