We know that this sudden shift to only being able to access the local church online can be a frustrating experience – especially if you aren’t very tech savvy!  Don’t worry – we got you! 
You can follow the instructions below to access us in different ways.  If you’re still struggling, fill out the form below or contact our office and we will do all we can to help get you set up!

Grace Connect App

Go to your app store and search “Sharefaith App.”  Sharefaith is the hosting company that we use for our app and website.
Once you download and open that app, type “Grace Connect” into the “Find my Ministry” search box.  (Note: our app is just “Grace Connect”)
Next, an option box will pop up to ask you which image you would like to use.  Selecting “Default” will keep the Sharefaith image as your app’s icon.  Selecting “My Ministry” will change your app’s icon to Grace’s logo. Finally, you will be asked if you would like to receive notifications from us. Now you’re done!  The Sharefaith app will automatically convert to the Grace Connect app and you are ready to connect, listen and watch!


We are streaming our sermons online on our YouTube page. Go to or download the YouTube app to your mobile device or smart TV.  Search “GraceConnect” (all one word) 
Click “Subscribe” and you will receive alerts when we are live or upload new videos. 

Social Media

Search “ConnectGCC” on Instagram or Facebook. 
Join our Facebook Groups for more specific information.